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Can NVRs with POE inputs have E-POE?

Yes, NVRs with POE inputs can have E-POE on several inputs at the same time.

Can I use several video analyses at the same time?

Yes, simply keep the same algorithm category.

Where is the Neius Cloud located?

The Neius Cloud is located in Europe.

Is it possible to change the IP address of PoE switch inside the NVR?

Yes, the change can be performed both from the graphic interface and the web page.

Does the application for smartphone and tablet send push notifications?

Yes, if used after user registration; it also allows interaction with the devices, such as activation or deactivation of outputs, alarms and events.

Does the notification received in the application allow to play the video recorded when the event occurred?

Yes, when opening the notification there are two options: view the live feed or play the video at the moment of the event.