Super Starlight and Color Maker.


Even at night, as bright as day.

Most crimes occur in the evening hours. Until now, CCTV technology has relied on infrared vision,
but with Neius cameras there is no difference between day and night.

Super Starlight

In low light conditions, Super Starlight technology delivers exceptionally sharp, high-resolution images even in near-absent light. Urmet's Neius Super Starlight surveillance cameras are able to record colour images at 0.001 Lux with a high frame rate of 25 FPS that guarantees fluidity and absence of effects such as blurring and dragging.


qualità immagine Neius Urmet


color maker Neius Urmet


Color Maker

In total darkness, however, the Color Maker system makes the difference. In fact, thanks to a larger sensor with a wider iris opening, supported by a warm LED beam, Neius cameras equipped with this technology can record colour images even in the middle of the night. And with incredible brightness.