Total safety always begins with excellence

Hi-tech intelligence applied to video surveillance: Neius is the innovative
and effective solution for open architecture systems with IP technologies.




Even at night,
as bright as day

Most crimes occur in the evening hours. Until now, CCTV technology has relied on infrared vision, but with Neius cameras there is no difference between day and night.

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The top of security
admits no exceptions

Neius cameras are certified to be resistant to water and to violent impact with solid bodies, thus guaranteeing continuity of operation even under extreme stress.

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Algorithms for real-time monitoring
and response

Neius cameras are designed to be an active part of an integrated security system, thanks to the possibility of setting up real-time controls on what is happening in the field of view of the camera.

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The new frontier of video surveillance

The strong selling points of the Neius range.

Resolution up to 16 Mp

Coloured night vision

Second-generation video analysis

Maximum integration

Mechanical properties and strength

Band and HD space management