Video Content Analysis: security becomes active.


Algorithms for real-time monitoring and response.

Neius cameras are designed to be an active part of an integrated security system,
thanks to the possibility of setting up real-time controls on what is happening in the field of view of the camera.

Behavioural video analysis

In terms of space control, Neius allows effective monitoring thanks to the availability of video behavioral analysis algorithms. Starting from the man / vehicle classification, Neius applies multiple analysis algorithms for each shot, making video control effective and providing an absolute pre-cognitive capacity of specific events.

Thermal video analysis

The Neius Platinum bi-spectrum camera extends the control capability by combining body temperature detection in thermal mode with a standard IP image with 4M resolution. An ideal solution for high traffic areas, where a real-time analysis of body temperatures is required, possibly combining audio messages or behavioral video analysis.

Videoanalisi individuale e termica

Helmet Recognition

Differential detection of objects in the field.



Specific or map detection of body heat.