Neius is the most advanced solution to an increasingly urgent need for security. In the field of video surveillance, Neius is an innovative and effective product for open architecture systems featuring IP technologies. For professional installers, system integrators as well as design studios, the Neius line is particularly suitable for medium or large installations in both the private and public sectors.

Color Maker

All the colour sharpness needed, even in the absence of light. Cameras equipped with Color Maker technology feature a large size sensor, wide aperture and warm LED light. For non-stop recording of sharp colour images, even at night or in poor lighting conditions.


Second-generation artificial intelligence

Thanks to intelligent algorithms, the Neius range of video analysis tools allows detecting a wider range of movements and analysing them with extreme precision. For an increasingly advanced vision.



What is Neius?

Hi-tech intelligence applied to video surveillance. A new range of products, guaranteed by the Urmet brand, which marks a significant evolution for security systems in terms of quality, professionalism, integration and applications. This is the ideal solution on IP ranges with open architecture systems, especially for medium and large installations.


Problem? Solved!

Neius offers you all the assistance needed: during the design stage and/or for specific technical requirements: from the public sector to transport, from industry to large-scale facilities. Customer Service - with international experience and quality guaranteed by Urmet - offers immediate and highly qualified help. Professional sales and service network spread throughout the country, and comprehensive training support for installers.

Our assets

The strong selling points of the Neius range.

Resolution up to 16 Mp

For an even more detailed view in all lighting conditions.

Coloured night vision

Even in total darkness, thanks to Color Maker and Super Starlight.

Second-generation video analysis

Consistently high detection accuracy, thanks to deep learning algorithms.

Maximum integration

Possibility to better interact with third-party platforms.

Mechanical properties and strength

The camera units are all IP67 and IK10 shock, water and weather resistant.

Band and HD space management

Guaranteed by the proprietary S+265 codec, which reduces the size of the stream by more than 30% compared to the H.265 standard.